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Web Designing Course

Web Designing is a process of planning, constructing and updating websites that emphasis on visual factors such as layout, interface and image elements to make the website more appealing and easy to use. It’s like creating a website that involves information architecture, web structure, web graphic design, user interface, site layout, standardized code, and user experience are merged to set out a great website.
Web Designing should be designed based on user perspective, the purpose of the site, and the visual appeal of the design. Designers build web pages using tags which define the content and metadata of each page. Most of the websites will have the combination of HTML and CSS that define how the page to be displayed in a browser.
Websites are the future as they are the ones that are used in increasing the sales and revenue of the business. Its flourishing big time and so, if you are looking for an exciting career, then just take a rush into it. Our web designing training course will give you an in-depth training on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will help to create high-quality web pages. Always, the goal of learning should be career enhancement and we are happy to announce you that we have so far enhanced careers of young generation with our web designing course. Apart from this, we Courseinn academy is continuously sustaining 100% job placements all these years

Components of Web Designing

You are just one step away from Web Designing, so just know the components of Web Designing and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
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What you’ll learn from us

Learn how to use the proven Web Designing strategies
  • Including videos, flash and other media in websites
  • Installing developing and configuring web pages
  • Creating website project using Dreamweaver
  • Understand web concepts and terminologies
  • Web template designing using Photoshop
  • Publishing and testing web pages
  • Designing better logos
  • Responsive web design

Career path in Web Designing

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
Web designers are usually in the path of communicating the information with the help of a website. Usually, web designers should have the ability to think sensibly and should know the ways of working under short deadlines.
  • UI designer
  • Web designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Web design manager
  • Front-end web specialist
  • Design and layout analyst

Who can learn web designing?

Know how universal trend is Web Designing to study and follow
  • Students
  • Freshers
  • IT professionals
  • Job seekers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Career switchers
  • Web developers
  • Freelancers
Any prior knowledge to web designing course and the related course is not necessary. We assure you that we will make you the complete skills of web designing from scratch.

Web Designing Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 25 Days 25 Days Modules: 14
Duration: 40 Days 40 Days Modules: 20
Duration: 60 Days 60 Days Modules: 28
1Introduction to Web Technologies
Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
How the Website Works?
Client and Server Scripting Languages
Responsive Web Designing
2HTML Essentials
The structure of an HTML document
The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements
Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website
IDs & Classes
Block, Inline and Inline-Block Elements
Understanding Float & Clear (once and for all!)
Relative, Absolute & Fixed Position
Span & Div Tags
3Advanced HTML & HTML5
New HTML5 Inputs
HTML5 Data Attribute
Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time
Migration from HTML4 to HTML5
Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5
4Adding Media to a Web Page
Audio Files
Video Files
5Text Basics
Heading & Paragraph Tags
Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis
HTML Entities & "Special Characters"
6Semantics & Organization
Semantic Structural Elements
Non-semantic Elements ("div" and "span")
HTML Comments
The "Section" Element
List Of Form Elements
Different Types of Inputs in Form
Attributes of Form
HTML5 Input Types in Form
HTML5 Attributes of Form
HTML Form Validators
How to Create a Table of Data
Table Attributes
How to Create a Nested Table
Do Not Use Tables for Layout
Attributes in Iframes
Create Google Maps using Iframes
Google Map Customization
10CSS Essentials
CSS Introduction
CSS Selectors
Box Model
Creating a Page Layout with Floats
11Intermediate CSS
Inline CSS
Internal CSS
External CSS
ID & Class Selectors
Styling Navigation Menu
Text Styling & Formatting
Styling Links
Descendant Selectors
Grouping Selectors
12CSS Typography
CSS Typography
Using Custom "Web" Fonts
13CSS Backgrounds
Background Images
Full Width Backgrounds - Fixed Width Content
Gradient Backgrounds
CSS Sprites
14Advanced CSS
Styling Web Forms
CSS3 Box Sizing & Round Corners
CSS3 Colours & Gradients
CSS3 Shadows
CSS3 Columns
CSS3 Animations & Transitions
CSS3 Transform
CSS3 Flexbox
15How to use Web Icons
How to include Fontawesome Icons
How to include Google Icons
Icons customization
16Responsive Web Design
What is Responsive Web Design?
Media Queries
How to use media queries different devices
Responsive Grids
17Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap
What Is Bootstrap & Why Use It?
Initial Environment Setup
Getting Started with Bootstrap
Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System
Responsive Forms
Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images
Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities
Using Glyphicons (Font Icons)
Bootstrap Navbar
Sliding Carousel
18CSS Components in Bootstrap
Tables & Pagination
Buttons & Button Groups
List Groups & Badges
Alerts & Progress Bars
Navbar & Navs
19Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap
Grid System
Grid Alignment
20JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
Carousel Slider
Collapse & Accordion
21Introduction to Javascript
Internal & External Javascript
Basic Syntax of Javascript
Javascript Output
Javascript Variables &Operators
Javascript Data Types
Javascript Arrays
Javascript String
Javascript Functions
Javascript Scopes
Javascript If / Else Statements
Javascript Regular Expression
Javascript Form Validation
Javascript Loop
22Javascript Methods
Javascript Arrays Methods
Javascript String Methods
Javascript DOM Methods
23Introduction to jQuery
Download & Install jQuery
The Simple Syntax of jQuery
jQuery Selectors
jQuery Event Methods
24jQuery Methods
Hiding, Showing & Fading Content with jQuery
Modifying CSS with jQuery
The jQuery Animate Method
jQuery Chaining
Callback function in jQuery
25jQuery DOM Manipulation
jQuery Get & Set Values
jQuery Add & Remove
26Jquery Widgets
jQuery UI: Accordion
jQuery UI: Tabs
jQuery UI: Form Validation
jQuery UI: Date Picker
27Developer Timeout!
Developer Tools | Inspect Elements
28PSD to HTML Conversion
Basic Web Design Photoshop Tools
Convert PSD File to HTML

Web Designing Course Fee & Packages


Professional web design

  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • HTML Essentials
  • Advanced HTML & HTML5
  • Adding Media to a Web Page
  • Text Basics
  • Semantics & Organization
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • CSS Essentials
  • Intermediate CSS
  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap
  • JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Developer Timeout!
12000* Discovery week off

Master web design

  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • HTML Essentials
  • Advanced HTML & HTML5
  • Adding Media to a Web Page
  • Text Basics
  • Semantics & Organization
  • Forms
  • Tables
  • CSS Essentials
  • Intermediate CSS
  • CSS Typography
  • CSS Backgrounds
  • Advanced CSS
  • Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap
  • CSS Components in Bootstrap
  • Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap
  • JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Javascript Methods
  • Introduction to jQuery
  • jQuery Methods
  • jQuery DOM Manipulation
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Developer Timeout!
₹18000* Discovery week off

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What are the prerequisites of learning web designing course?
There are no particular prerequisites for learning web designing course. The only thing is that the students should have at least basic computer skills and basic skills for using the internet.
Do I need to have good programming skills to enrol in web designing course?
Certainly, it’s not a mandatory one to have programming skill for learning web designing course. But, however, having programming skills is an added advantage. No worries, you can enrol in our web designing course to get programming skills from our industry experts.
Is there a job demand for fresher in this field?
In web designing field, there is a huge demand for fresher. From startups to top IT companies, there are huge numbers of vacancies in web designing positions.
Why is Courseinn academy best to get web designing training?
You can learn from us for many exclusive reasons such as,
  • 100% practical oriented training
  • Classes will be on real-time projects
  • Flexible batches
  • Unlimited lab facility
  • Cover all the necessary modules by industry trends
What can I accomplish after the completion of the course?
After the completion of the course, you will be able to handle website designs along with graphic designs, animations, and digital photographs. Apart from this, you will the exact ways of meeting necessary legal standards.