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Meticulously crafted web designing training help you build powerful websites, web apps, and interfaces.

Why you Should Learn web designing

Contemporary world definitely needs web designing more than coding. Any business expects to stand out from the competition. Web designers are recruited more by the business opportunities to cater the skill requirements.

The bureau of labour statistics say that web designing career opportunity is expected to grow by 27 % they are 2024. India has almost 700000 websites and web design is established to create exponential growth to match the transaction online shifts.

Professionals those who look to build websites look for the web developers. Every business moves to the online presence to sustain in the competition. Need for professional web designer is in increasing pace to create exceptional web designs for the businesses.

Creative Web Designing Training

Courseinn Academy provides premium web design training courses in chennai focusing on creative, quality, innovation.

Courseinn’ web designing course is a practical oriented training from planning, constructing and deployment of websites that emphasis on visual factors such as layout, interface and image elements to make the website more appealing and easy to use.

Our Web Designing Course in Chennai offers basic to advanced on demand concepts to boost your skills to become a UI designer. Apart from this, we Courseinn academy is continuously sustaining 100% job placements all these years.

Web Designing Course Key Features

26 + Advanced Modules
12+ Industry Expert Trainers
Work with Realtime Projects
100% Placement Guidance
3 Month Internship Opportunity
Where Design Arts Meets Technology A Delightful Web Designing Course

This web designing course will give you an in-depth training on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that will help to create high-quality web pages.

In addition, our web designing training in Chennai for beginners is completely based on current industry standards and so it will never let you fail in improvising your knowledge and skills.

Further, our web designing course training is highly interactive and well structured that brings more convenience to our students. Get ready for acquiring specialized web designing training in Chennai and qualify yourself for a variety of in-demand web and web application development job roles.

What you’ll learn from web designing Course.

Courseinn academy provides the best web designing course in Chennai. This definitely helps you to get a successful web designing career. The structure and the curriculum of courseinn academy covers every important models related to web designing course.

Web designing course introduction

This course definitely helps you to work out in designing your web by creating the look and feel with different kinds of designing themes and layouts. Besides this you will also be trained to learn about designing the banners, advertisements, how to work on buttons, understanding the working mechanism involved in web designs covers will be also included.

Adobe illustrator course

This helps on learning the software which works on illustrations and shapes. Every web obviously has various shapes and it is determined by the software. This comes out in designing any kinds of layoff in an innovative way. Illustrator helps in designing various tools and understand the types of vectors

Adobe Photoshop course

This software helps in creating banners, backgrounds, collages, image manipulation, image cuttings and assists in generating various effects.

Fundamentals of computer multimedia and internet

Through which you would get to know the interface and interaction design concepts. How to work with Dreamweaver, understanding the flash scripting and interactivity are major components.

Multimedia design

Get to know the concepts related to digital graphics, video editing, image editing and also create multimedia content. You also get to know about Adobe flash, professional Actionscript, and Adobe premiere PRO.

Design and publishing program

In this course you get to train about digital graphics, web designing, creating attractive designs through graphic works. Along with this concept related to graphics design, illustrator, and visualisation also will be taught.

The other subjects involved in the curriculum can be found below
  • Information system design
  • Web design using HTML
  • Introduction to user experience design
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Design fundamentals
  • Visual effects creation
  • Flash actions for script
  • Image graphics and designing
Career path & Job Profiles in web designing

The aspirants who pursue this web design courses will become an exemplary web designer. The responsibilities allocated are planning, creating and coding. Web designer should be in the position to combine graphics, text, sounds, pictures and video clips.

Job profiles of the web design course are

  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • UI designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Flash animator
  • Layout designer

Be a successful web designer to work with MNC companies, for which hard work and self confidence are mandatory components.

Who should go for this web designing training?

Web designing has great opportunities for the freshers’ and any professionals who are interested to work in this expertise. Private and public companies recruit web designer specifically for their online work as well as for website development. Due to the rapid growth of online industry web professionals are highly demanded and eventually it has created a great path for the career aspirants.

  • Those who have cleared their higher secondary education can pursue their web design course
  • Graduates can also be eligible to take up this course
  • Having a bachelor degree in web design is an added advantage for the candidates who desire to study web design as the major course in the postgraduate level.
  • IT professionals can consider this course for advancement.
Prerequisites for this web designing Course?

It is an obvious fact that web design is highly demanded by the top and medium size companies. Everyone is quite obsessed with pursuing this course in order to become professionals in web design. Whoever is interested to pursue this course can consider web designing training in chennai. Other than all these basic criteria, find below the prerequisites for joining the web designing course

To become a web designer individual should process the following skill sets

  • Individual should be very creative and it is essential to have a basic knowledge of software
  • Strong interpersonal skills and also should have the ability to work for long hours
  • Knowledge of programming languages is important.
  • Along with this having fundamental knowledge in typography can be an added advantage
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Industry Recognized Web Designing Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

Introduction to Web Technologies
  • What's actually web design and why do we need to pursue it?
  • Current Market trends / Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
  • How does the Website normally works?
  • Types of Languages (Client vs Server) and Layouts
  • Basic Web design concepts - Grids / Flex concept / Responsive
HTML Essentials
  • Getting to know HTML
  • The structure of an HTML document
  • The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements
  • Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website
  • Identifying Divisions
  • Block, Inline and Inline-Block Elements
  • Understanding Float & Clear (once and for all!)
  • Relative, Absolute & Fixed Position
Advanced HTML & HTML5
  • New HTML5 Inputs
  • HTML5 Data Attribute
  • Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time
  • Migration from HTML4 to HTML5
  • Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5
Adding Media to a Web Page
  • Images
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files
Text Basics
  • Heading & Paragraph Tags
  • Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • HTML Entities & "Special Characters"
Semantics & Organization
  • Semantic Structural Elements
  • Non-semantic Elements ("div" and "span")
  • HTML Comments
  • The "Section" Element
  • Navigation
  • List Of Form Elements
  • Different Types of Inputs in Form
  • Attributes of Form
  • HTML5 Input Types in Form
  • HTML5 Attributes of Form
  • HTML Form Validators
  • How to Create a Table of Data
  • Table Attributes
  • How to Create a Nested Table
  • Do Not Use Tables for Layout
  • Attributes in Iframes
  • Create Google Maps using Iframes
  • Google Map Customization
CSS Essentials
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Selectors
  • Box Model
  • Creating a Page Layout with Floats
Intermediate CSS
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • ID & Class Selectors
  • Styling Navigation Menu
  • Colors
  • Text Styling & Formatting
  • Styling Links
  • Descendant Selectors
  • Grouping Selectors
CSS Typography
  • CSS Typography
  • Using Custom "Web" Fonts
CSS Backgrounds
  • Background Images
  • Full Width Backgrounds - Fixed Width Content
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Pseudo-classes
  • Pseudo-elements
  • CSS Sprites
Advanced CSS
  • Styling Web Forms
  • CSS3 Box Sizing & Round Corners
  • CSS3 Colours & Gradients
  • CSS3 Shadows
  • CSS3 Columns
  • CSS3 Animations & Transitions
  • CSS3 Transform
  • CSS3 Flexbox
How to use Web Icons
  • How to include Fontawesome Icons
  • How to include Google Icons
  • Icons customization
Responsive Web Design
  • What is Responsive Web Design?
  • Media Queries
  • How to use media queries different devices
  • Responsive Grids
Responsive Design & Development using Bootstrap
  • What Is Bootstrap & Why Use It?
  • Initial Environment Setup
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap
  • Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System
  • Responsive Forms
  • Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images
  • Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities
  • Using Glyphicons (Font Icons)
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Sliding Carousel
CSS Components in Bootstrap
  • Tables & Pagination
  • Buttons & Button Groups
  • List Groups & Badges
  • Alerts & Progress Bars
  • Navbar & Navs
Grid System & Flexbox in Bootstrap
  • Grid System
  • Grid Alignment
JavaScript Widgets in Bootstrap
  • Carousel Slider
  • Tooltips
  • Collapse & Accordion
  • Popovers
Introduction to Javascript
  • Internal & External Javascript
  • Basic Syntax of Javascript
  • Javascript Output
  • Javascript Variables &Operators
  • Javascript Data Types
  • Javascript Arrays
  • Javascript String
  • Javascript Functions
  • Javascript Scopes
  • Javascript If / Else Statements
  • Javascript Regular Expression
  • Javascript Form Validation
  • Javascript Loop
Javascript Methods
  • Javascript Arrays Methods
  • Javascript String Methods
  • Javascript DOM Methods
Introduction to jQuery
  • Download & Install jQuery
  • The Simple Syntax of jQuery
  • jQuery Selectors
  • jQuery Event Methods
jQuery Methods
  • Hiding, Showing & Fading Content with jQuery
  • Modifying CSS with jQuery
  • The jQuery Animate Method
  • jQuery Chaining
  • Callback function in jQuery
jQuery DOM Manipulation
  • jQuery Get & Set Values
  • jQuery Add & Remove
Jquery Widgets
  • jQuery UI: Accordion
  • jQuery UI: Tabs
  • jQuery UI: Form Validation
  • jQuery UI: Date Picker
Developer Timeout!
  • Developer Tools | Inspect Elements
PSD to HTML Conversion
  • Basic Web Design Tools
  • Convert PSD File to HTML
+ more lesson
Course Completed
100 +
Internships provide
400 +
Jobs Sourced
100 +
Hiring Partners

100+ Tools and Technologies Covered in Web Designing Course


Industry-led Web Designing Upcoming Batches

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Mode of Web Designing Training

Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Online Training
Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Internship Training
Instructor-Led Internship Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities

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"Am taking up web designing course here. This academy us very good and supportive.... I love the way how they are teaching...."

Divya Divi

" Good learning center the faculties are very good take care of students"

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"I've done my web designing training course with Courseinn Academy. Trainers have industry level expertise and have made every session interestingly and interactively. In addition, they are providing placement support after the completion of the course which helped me to get a good career. Thanks to Courseinn."


Courseinn’ Web Designing Training FAQ’s

Can I know who would be benefitting from web design training?

Pursuing the web design course in courseinn will leave you with various benefits and this has become a centre of light for becoming a web designer. Those who undergo this course can become a flash designer, web designer, UI designer and many more. Determined to complete this course with confidence and reap the benefits.

List out few modules to be learnt from this course?

Web design course includes every model of web design and web development. Advanced concepts and curriculum like programming languages, designing courses, equip the individual to become a successful web designer.

How to join this course?

Courseinn helps you to fulfil your dream by providing the pleasure of option. To get trained in the web designing course visit the website and know more details related to the course. If you have decided to apply you can visit any one of the courseinn institutes and fill the registration form.

List out the different modes of training that courseinn provide?

Training in courseinn will be in different timings and can also be scheduled according to the convenience of the individuals who wish to undergo this course. Contact for more details related to the training methodology and can choose a convenient option.

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Customized training
Is web design course a preferred course?Why?

Web designers are looked up high in the job market because of increased smartphones and online market presence. People have started establishing the business in the online who want their website to look appealing and in a unique way for business promotion.

What could be the approximate package for web design professionals in Chennai?

Web designing is one of the highly demanded jobs which clearly has a bigger scope in the future. For better package get the prerequisites for undergoing this course and become a web designer to get the salary of rupees Rs. 4 lacs.

Why courseinn say attendance is compulsory?

Of course courseinn expects the aspirant to undergo this course with complete dedication. If you happen to miss any of the class for genuine reason, courseinn re schedules the class.

Which is the best institute for web designing course in chennai?

Courseinn is the best because it is known for its unique training methodology and updated curriculum which can be compared with industry parameters.

  • Hands on experience
  • Stipulated course duration and training hours
  • Industry experts as faculty team
  • Confirmed job assistance
  • On-trend curriculum and well structured syllabus
  • Affordable fee policies and norms
  • Industry recognised certifications
What is the course fee?

Courseinn academy aims to create industry ready web designers and work towards achieving the established target. Methodology, faculty team, practical sessions, live projects equip the individuals to be ready fit. Course fee depends on the methodology you prefer which can be known from the courseinn institutes directly.

What is the salary package for a fresher after completing the course?

Web designer salary is very impressive and if you are a fresher in this field you can be assured between 3 and 5 lacs provided you get the required skills and necessary qualification to become an eligible candidate.

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