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Why you Should Learn SEO

SEO is a widely adopted marketing strategy for its effectiveness. Google has performed lots of changes in SERP and more algorithms. The future of SEO is all in the use of Artificial Intelligence.

SEO is a must-have skill if you are selecting to have your career in the field of digital marketing. If you are passionate about marketing, website, blogging then you need to focus more on SEO.

Every business needs to improve its visibility and reach its target audience. It is very essential to implement the right strategy that helps to place the website at the top of the search engines.

SEO Training in Chennai with Placement

Courseinn Academy offers seo certification courses in Chennai, a part of Digital Marketing Courses. SEO plays the fundamental role in digital marketing to drive organic traffic, enhance lead generation & boost up sales and hustle up the growth of both online and offline business.

Proper SEO training in Chennai along with Keyword Management, Url Optimization, Link building, Landing Page Optimization can make you learn advanced SEO concepts that can be used for industry related simulations.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing web pages and their content to be available for users while searching for keywords relevant to the website. To be simple, it’s a best tactic to obtain visitors for a website from organic search results in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

SEO Training Key Features

12 + Modules
6+ Realtime Working Expert Trainers
Work with our Realtime Projects
100% Placement Assistance
100% Internship Opportunity
Why should you take an SEO Course with Courseinn Academy?

Learning SEO course in chennai from Coursein Academy will help you to attain the following benefits,

  • Enhance website’s search engine ranking
  • Building sustaining traffic for websites
  • Keyword research and management
  • Best strategies to track and enhance the conversion rates
  • Track and enhance conversion rates

After completing the SEO training in chennai, you’ll definitely know how to put a brand’s website at the top of the search engine results page and maintain it forever.

Anyone from Marketing professional & even from other industry people can utilize this course to improve their career and business ROI.

What you’ll learn from SEO Course

Courseinn delivers the best SEO course in Chennai. The main objective of this training is to transform you into an SEO expert by pouring the knowledge of all SEO aspects. SEO course will cover all the skills of Data, analytics, content marketing, site optimization and are coordinated to become an effective and powerful marketing strategy. By joining Courseinn you will earn hands-on experience on all the latest tools and techniques of SEO. The whole course is categorized as modules as listed below.

Introduction to Search Engine OPtimizations

This is the fundamental module where you will understand the history of search and what SEO is all about. More on Search Ecosystem components and the pros and cons of SEO. A detailed study of Enterprise SEO and small business SEO.

How search engine functions

An analysis of all available search engines in the market. A clear picture of processing and indexing along with rankings. You will get to know about search engine crawling.

Practices of SEO

A detailed study on all the types of SEO and all the practices are SEO are trained in this module. Get to know more about SEO spams and Falsifying links and content in detail.

Keyword research and analysis

In order to gain keyword ranking, one needs to do more research on keyword and should analyze the keywords that will perfectly choose for the customer’s business. This course will train you on research and analysis.

On-page & Off-page optimization

These are the real essence of SEO. In on-page optimization, you will learn about the title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, site maps, keywords usages and many more. While on off-page optimization, you will learn how to create links, type of links and do’s and don’ts of link building

SEO strategies

You will get a clear understanding of the SEO strategies that can be used social, local and mobile. By completing this course you will become a perfect SEO strategist.

SEO site audit

One needs to be trained well on-site audit. Only then you can confirm the client how well their site is performing online.

Career path & Job Profiles in seo

Joining courseinn and enrolling yourself in the best SEO course in Chennai is the right decision at the right time, we should say. Every online business starts with the search. So understanding SEO is the key to understanding all other digital marketing strategies. If you are well-versed with SEO then you can crawl to the next level in digital marketing. The career path is really wider for candidates who have completed SEO training.

  • SEO strategist
  • SEO Expert
  • SEO Associate
  • Link building Expert
  • SEO trainee
  • SEO Executive / Manager

Get trained on the most demanded course in the digital world. For more details call us at +91 9962097767

Who should go for this seo certification course?

If you are clear about the scope and future of SEO then you yourself will enroll in this course. This course is open to all. You can gain more knowledge of how SEO works and what SEO is all about.

Marketing Team
Social media Experts
Digital marketing team
Website designers

Are you interested to join this course in Courseinn? call us at +91 9962097767.

Prerequisites for this seo Course?

One who is really interested to learn about SEO and its functioning can join this course. Gaining knowledge doesn’t need any prerequisite.

Although this course is opened for all, in order to be benefited from this course one needs to possess certain skills mainly on understanding English and should be good at grammar. Also, he should know some basic knowledge about the browser and should know the HTML. You also need to understand more about mobile devices. Having good knowledge in web designing is an added advantage. Also, have some idea on image editing as you may need to edit images on the website and set it according to SEO optimization.

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Industry Recognized SEO Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

Fundamental of SEO
  • Search engine basics
  • Crawling, indexing, and ranking
  • Search engines and how they work
  • SERP Layout
On-page SEO
  • Overview of On-Page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Writing and optimizing content
  • On-page elements
Content SEO
  • Overview of Content SEO
  • Domain Ranking Factor
  • Hosting Ranking Factor
  • Content Optimization
  • Heading Tag Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Image Tag Optimization
  • Links Optimization
Technical SEO
  • Overview of Technical SEO
  • Site speed
  • Internal links
  • Robots.txt and sitemaps
  • URLs
  • Duplicate content and rel="canonical"
  • Structured Data
  • Status Codes
  • Inspecting your site for an audit
Search Console
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Loading Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Understanding Google Webmaster guidelines
  • Setting Up Your Website on Google Webmaster Tools
  • Site Dashboard
  • Site Messages
  • Search Appearance
  • Search Traffic
  • Google Index
  • Crawl
  • Security Issues
  • Labs
Local SEO
  • Intro of Local SEO
  • Local links and citations
  • Local content
  • Locaton Schema
  • Other local factors
International SEO
  • Overview of International SEO
  • Internation On Page SEO Factor
  • Internation SEO Link Factor
Back Link Signal
  • Overview of Link Signal
  • Quality Links
  • Bad links
  • Link analysis
  • Link building
Search Engine Quality Guidelines
  • Overview of guidelines
  • Webmaster Guidelines
  • General guidelines
  • Content-specific guidelines
  • Quality guidelines
Google Algorithm Updates
  • Hummingbird
  • Pigeon
  • Payday
  • EMD (Exact Match Domain)
  • Page Layout Algorithm
  • Fred
  • Intrusive Interstitials Update
  • Mobilegeddon
  • RankBrain
  • Panda
  • Penguin
SEO Reporting
SEO Proposal Preparation
Career Counselling
+ more lesson
Course Completed
100 +
Internships provide
400 +
Jobs Sourced
100 +
Hiring Partners

Tools Covered in SEO Training in Chennai


Industry-led SEO Training Upcoming Batches

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Mode Of SEO Training in Chennai

Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Online Training
Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Internship Training
Instructor-Led Internship Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities

Land Your Dream Job

Career Coaching

Our domain experts know what exactly this industry needs. We extend our hands in building a great career for you.

Resume Feedback

Being in this digital industry for more than a decade we know the importance of the resume. We support you to have a vibrant resume that attracts the recruiters.

Mock Interview

We believe that practice makes perfect. Our placement team will make you undergo several mock sessions and you will be tuned well for facing the interview.

Land Dream Job

To achieve more, we need to dream more. But dreaming alone will not going to take there. Just take a step forward and enter your dreamland in real.

Clients and Hiring Partners

The most trusted SEO training institute in Chennai


"Good place to learn digital marketing. I enrolled here for SEO courses. They offer placement too,classes conducted at our convenient timings."

Akshaya venkat

"very good place to learn Seo Course"

Bharath Waj

"Excellent Training. I completed my seo training in Chennai here. My trainer handles the class very well. I gain more knowledge about the advanced technique. At the end of my seo course trainer conducted an interview and found where we are lagging. This helped me to prepare for my interview. Overall I had a great experience with Courseinn Academy."

praveenkumar km

Courseinn’ Seo Training FAQ’s

What are the key advantages of SEO?
  • Seo mainly leads to better user experience.
  • It acts as a primary source for lead generation.
  • Gives higher conversion rates
  • It is very cost-effective compared to other marketing strategies.
  • Encourages more on local search and you will gain more walkins to your physical store.
  • Supports mainly in building brand credibility and brand authority.
  • It gains organic traffic to the website.
  • It also improves the engagement rate.
  • SEO yields long-term results.
  • SEO integrates with other marketing efforts and gives better results.
What are the main objectives of this course?

By completing this course, you will be able to

  • Understand how to generate leads and do direct marketing.
  • Know how to increase the web traffic for your website.
  • Learn how to increase eCommerce sales.
  • How to gain perfect branding.
  • Learn to understand reputation management.
  • Study more about customer services.
Who can join this course?

There is no prerequisite for this course. Anyone can join and be benefited. Even you can be a fresher who is totally new to this field. Our trainers will train you so that at the completion of the course you will become an expert easily without much difficulty. It is not necessary that you should possess any additional qualifications for joining this course.

Will courseinn take care of my placement?

Courseinn takes the sole responsibility for your placement. We have a well-equipped placement team who will guide you to clear your interviews easily. We will support you starting from resume preparation to getting placed in a firm. You will go through several mock-up interview sessions. This will help you to clear all rounds in the interview. So you don’t need to worry about your placement when you have enrolled with Courseinn.

What is the course methodologies followed in Courseinn Academy?

We understand the availability and requirement of each candidate and have solutions for all categories of people.

Instructor-led live session – in this session you will direct access to our tutors who will train you online. We will also record all online live sessions so that even if you miss, you don’t need to get panic. You can go through our live session that is recorded earlier.

Classroom session – our trainers will train you batch-wise and you can get one to one attention in our classroom sessions.

Real-time projects – get access to hundreds of real-time projects that will tune you to become a professional in the future.

Weekly assessments – training alone cant be sufficient. We need to know how far our students have understood so we will have a weekly assessment. And candidates who have scored low will be given special attention.

What is the future of SEO?

Searching is going to be in the precise form in the coming days. AI is being baked into search algorithms so the face of SEO is changing. So Google improves its search engine algorithm with AI and its goal is to understand the content that is related to the users' experience. The use of voice search is expected to increase more.

What is special with Courseinn Academy?

Courseinn provides a trustworthy SEO course in Chennai. You need to understand more about courseinn before you enroll yourself.

  • For more than a decade we are ruling this digital platform and we are successful in all our endeavors.
  • We have 10+ years of experienced domain experts who can get the best out of the students easily.
  • We have 10+ lab rooms that our candidates can make use of.
  • So far we have 20+ certification courses that are globally acknowledged.
  • We have 180K+ live project training by which the candidates gain more practical knowledge.
  • You can experience a 100% internship.
How much can we expect to earn in this field?

The recent survey report stated that every year the SEO professional is earning 6lakh per annum. This will be more for an experienced SEO expert. One needs to gain more knowledge and should gain experience. Only then he can demand his salary. Else he cannot grow at all. It is quite good to select this field if you have a great passion for marketing.

What type of certificate will I get?

We mainly look onto the certificate and its standard whenever we take up a course in any institution. As we really know that the certificate is going to speak for us we focus more on the certificate. Courseinn provides industry-recognized and globally accepted certificates. We have our own reputation and our certificate will speak about it.

What is the fee structure of this course?

This course is really worth to pay. So far we have gone through the numerous benefits and scope of this project. The course fee is highly affordable so that anyone can join and pay.

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