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Get PHP training in Chennai from 10+ years industry experts, through cutting edge modules. We offer real-time examples and mini projects to provide a strong and hands-on php training experience, to sharpen your development skills.
Our PHP Course designed to provide beginner and designer with strong foundation in the PHP development. It's enables to get professional skills in the PHP programming and adapt the current industry practice.
Courseinn Academy is one of the best PHP training institutes in Chennai where in-depth training on PHP and MySQL databases is provided. We Courseinn Academy have 10+ years experienced trainers who provide 100% quality training in PHP course.
Our sessions will be both interactive and informative with real-time project training. Since every business desire to have an online presence in this digital era, the demand for PHP development is in a steady rise and the amount of interest among young professionals is at a constant elevation.
We were the best PHP training institute in Chennai educate students for more than a decade in PHP course. Our course structure has been structured in an affluent method and so that anyone can learn PHP course easily. In addition, we proffer job assistance for the students after completing their PHP development course in Chennai. Most of our students are still in contact with us even after completing their course to adapt their new sophisticated project in a successful way.

About PHP Development

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the most cost-effective choice of a web developer’s as it is an open source scripting language. It is a dynamic web development that joins several web businesses to endorse online business. It’s flexible and is a simple programming language to create websites with the help of CMS (Content Management Systems) that anybody can master with. It helps in developing dynamic web applications such as discussion forums, E-commerce sites, and business portals.
It is a general-purpose programming language used over the entire world. It makes use of databases like MySQL to work with several extensions for developing various applications. Apart from this, the knowledge of PHP is compulsory for learning WordPress, Magento, and Joomla. When MySQL and PHP are used in combo major benefits such as reliability, scalability, superior performance, user-friendly dynamic websites, and open source, easy and fast maintenance are obtained.

Components of PHP

You are just one step away from Web Designing, so just know the components of Web Designing and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • cPanel
  • FileZilla
  • Bluefish
We often explain everything that is necessary for building a web page through our online PHP certification training. In fact, most of our students are clearing their interview at their first attempt through our practical training and so this is the right time to learn and become the on-demand PHP certified professional. By considering the placement support, course syllabus, lab facilities, and practicals, we have been the top PHP training institute in Chennai.
Get ready to explore fresh and up-to-date skills from our advanced PHP training classes in Chennai.
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What you’ll learn in PHP Development Course?

PHP Training Course provides an in-depth skills to develop a web application using PHP language.
  • Launching applications online
  • MySQL and usage of databases
  • PHP security and password hashing
  • Creating a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla
  • Launching of applications online
  • Debugging codes and code refactoring
  • PHP package manager and bootstrapping
  • Creating clean URL’s and removing .php files

A Career path in PHP Development

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
Nowadays, more than 50% of the websites are built with the help of PHP and so, it’s the most demanding and influential language for programming. It’s really easy to get started but the functionality is still very powerful. Apart from this, it’s used by all type of companies from small to enterprise-scale level. All a PHP developer need to know is that he should work in both client and server-side programming.
Although, putting tagline as PHP developer behind name alone is not enough. Yes, it's one of the most broadly spread scripting languages and so it is advisable to learn PHP course from top PHP training institute.
  • PHP Programmer
  • Web developer
  • MySQL expert
  • CMS developer
  • Senior web developer
  • Web designer and developer

Who can learn PHP?

Know how universal trend is PHP to study and follow
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freshers
  • IT professionals
  • Web Designers
  • Housewives
  • MBA graduates
  • Career switchers
  • Startup industry professionals
  • Marketing professionals and Sales Persons
Any prior knowledge to web designing course and the related course is necessary. We assure you that we will make you the complete skills of web development from scratch. That is, anyone with the basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL can learn this PHP training course - the simplest and straightforward scripting language.

PHP Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 25 Days Modules: 16
Duration: 40 Days Modules: 20
1 Setup Environment (LAMP / WAMP / XAMP)
Setup Webserver on local machine
Server-side technology
Server configuration
PHP configuration
Mysql configuration
2 Fundamentals of PHP
What is PHP
What can you do with PHP?
Basic Scripting Syntax
3 PHP Code Blocks
Data Types (integers, floats, strings and booleans)
Defining Constants and Variables
String functions
4 Array
What are arrays?
How and when to use arrays
5 Initialising arrays
Using foreach
Add/remove elements from arrays
One-dimensional arrays
Multi-dimensional arrays
Array related functions
6 Conditional structures
Control structures
Logic and relational operators
Using ?If?, ?Else if? and ?Else?
Switch operator
Comparison operators
Conditional operators
7 Looping Statements
Using the While loop
Break statements
Continue statements
Using ?do...while?, ?for?, ?foreach?
Embedding loop inside html layout
Display Multidimensional array data in html table
8 Functions in PHP
Creating your own functions
Calling a function
Using arguments
Return statements
Scope of variables
Optional arguments
Dynamic, built-in and data functions
Inbuilt functions
date and time
implode / explode
include / require
9 File Handling
Opening files, local and remote
Reading & writing and moving files
Finding file metadata: size, ownership, modification time
Handling file permissions
Handling file ownership
10 Copying, Renaming and Deleting Files
Opening and reading directories
Parsing a uploaded csv file and display in html layout
Store data collected fro a form in csv file format.
11 Form Handling
Working with Forms - GET, REQUEST and POST
Data Validation
Error handling
File uploads from the browser
Webpage to display all type of fields and submit the data
Upload a file and save it as unique in the directory
Login form admin user with username admin and password courseinn
12 Cookies and Sessions
When to use cookies
Setting cookies
Reading cookies
Deleting cookies
Setting sessions
Storing session variables
Reading sessions
Deleting session
Handling Remember Password
Store and get Session data
Authenticate pages with session
13 Usage of jQuery
jQuery - Introduction
Handling jQuery
Implementing AJAX with jQuery
Handle JSON data
Validating form using jquery
Using API
14 Object-Oriented PHP
Object basics
Classes in PHP
constructors and destructors
instantiate & member access
Scope (Public, Private Protected, Static)
Object-Oriented vs Procedural Code
Exception Handling
Interfaces and Abstract Class
15 Handling Email with PHP
Sending email
Sending multi part email - MIME
SMTP - PHPMailer
Collecting form data and send in email
16 MySQL Database Connectivity
Building a MySQL database
Handling PHPMyAdmin Panel
MySQLi Library
Connecting to MySQL
Executing SQL Calls
Simple admin panel (CRUD)? Add / Edit / Delete
Presenting data in html layout
17 Handling API's
Introduction to API
Creating API
How to use external API
Using API With an example
18 MVC Overview
Introduction to MVC
Framework installation and setup
MVC workflow with example
19 Mini Project
Choose any project as your preferrence
Requirement analysis
Admin theme to PHP conversion
Admin panel
20 Go Live
Deploying local application into server
Working on Cpanel
Using Filezilla

Web Designing Course Fee & Packages

  • Setup Environment (LAMP / WAMP / XAMP)
  • Fundamentals of PHP
  • PHP Code Blocks
  • Array
  • Initialising arrays
  • Conditional structures
  • Looping Statements
  • Functions in PHP
  • File Handling
  • Copying, Renaming and Deleting Files
  • Form Handling
  • Cookies and Sessions
  • Usage of jQuery
  • Object-Oriented PHP
  • Handling Email with PHP
  • MySQL Database Connectivity
₹14000* Discovery week off
  • Setup Environment (LAMP / WAMP / XAMP)
  • Fundamentals of PHP
  • PHP Code Blocks
  • Array
  • Initialising arrays
  • Conditional structures
  • Looping Statements
  • Functions in PHP
  • File Handling
  • Copying, Renaming and Deleting Files
  • Form Handling
  • Cookies and Sessions
  • Usage of jQuery
  • Object-Oriented PHP
  • Handling Email with PHP
  • MySQL Database Connectivity
  • Assignment
  • Go Live
₹19000* Discovery week off

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How hard is to learn PHP Course?
PHP Course is not so hard to learn; in fact, it’s really very easy, interesting and straightforward programming language that anyone can master it. The only thing is it’s not so strongly typed like C++ and Java and so it’s necessary to adjust some variable creation but it’s rather simple to learn.
Are there any prerequisites to learn PHP training course?
Yes, PHP is completely based on web development and applications. So there is an eventual need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mysql.
Is there any necessary to learn web designing basics before learning PHP?
PHP is mainly based on web development and so it will be good if you know HTML, CSS, Mysql and JavaScript. It’s not at all mandatory to learn web designing before PHP but if you know it, then it’s an added advantage in your profile.
Does your PHP training course syllabus include MySQL?
Yes, we have MySQL in our syllabus as it is a most prevalent database system integrated with PHP and so we make our students master in it. Apart from this, we make our students work in real time projects that involve both PHP and MySQL.
Is the placement opportunity for PHP is good even today?
This is a digital era and so, now every business is trying to showcase their brand online as the number of online users is increasing day by day. Everyone’s activity in digital space revolves around websites and mobile applications. So, the requirement for PHP developers has an extreme height and that to demand for young talents is extremely high.

So, get ready to grab modern and popular skills from our advanced PHP training classes in Chennai.

Who can enroll in this PHP training course?
A graduate with fundamental internet skills required for building a website and having prior knowledge of basic web designing skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can join. In addition, those who desire to redefine their web technologies can join our PHP certification course in Chennai and get expertise.
What is the scope of this web development field?
Now, everyone has started depending on internet and so the business. Yes, today even the small capital businesses are desiring to have their presence in the world wide web. In fact, any graduate who completes this PHP web development training course can excel in their career and creativity which is a great asset in today’s digital world.
Is it possible for me to create my own website after completing this course with your PHP training institute?
Yes, of course, you will be able to create your own web pages after completing this web development course with the help of the updated skills you learn from us. In fact, we will make you learn simple tips, tricks and methods that you can utilize in your future projects. Take a note, you will definitely feel easy in your upcoming projects because of our practical training approach.
Why should I learn this course from Courseinn Academy?
Courseinn Academy is the best PHP training institute in Chennai for a decade. We are special among others as we are following our own standards and present real-time projects for getting live exposure to the current industry trends that provide greater insight.
What are the nearby accessible locations around Courseinn Academy?
One can get down at Vadapalani metro station and walk down to our academy within 6 minutes and as well our institute is easily reachable from Vadapalani bus stand within 10 minutes