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Enroll our advanced PHP Training In Chennai to Learn the most highly accepted Web application for creating a custom and interactive websites On Your Own.

Why you Should Learn PHP

PHP is used by 80% of the top 10 million websites. It is famous for the freelance work irrespective of business sizes who are interested to use wordpress, WIX and other content management systems.

One of the preferred domain and programming languages in the market which holds a promising future. Huge investments have been made on PHP by many platforms like Facebook, Flickr because of considering this as prominent language.

Career opportunities are in multiple numbers for those who aspired to be the PHP developers in future. Many online platforms have started to built using PHP language. This has diverse frameworks so utilisation of specific functionalities becomes very simple for web design, development and coding

With Certified PHP Training in Chennai

Courseinn Academy is one of the best PHP training institute in Chennai where in-depth training on PHP and MySQL databases is provided.

We at Courseinn Academy have 10+ years experienced php trainers who provide 100% quality training in PHP course.

Our PHP Course designed to provide beginner and designer with strong foundation in the PHP development. It's enables to get professional skills in the PHP programming and adapt the current industry practice.

In addition, we offer job & placement assistance for the students after completing their PHP development course.

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AJAX
  • JQuery
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • cPanel
  • FileZilla
  • Bluefish

PHP Key Features

55 + Modules
10+ Industry Led Trainers
15+ Certifications
100% Placement
100% Internship Opportunity
Why Take PHP training in Chennai with Courseinn Academy?

Get PHP training in Chennai from 10+ years industry experts, through cutting edge modules. We offer real-time examples and mini projects to provide a strong and hands-on php training experience, to sharpen your development skills.

We assure you that we will make you the complete skills of web development from scratch. That is, anyone with the basic understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and MySQL can learn this PHP training course - the simplest and straightforward scripting language.

  • Launching applications online
  • MySQL and usage of databases
  • PHP security and password hashing
  • Creating a CMS like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla
  • Launching of applications online
  • Debugging codes and code refactoring
  • PHP package manager and bootstrapping
  • Creating clean URL’s and removing .php files
What you’ll learn from PHP Course.

Courseinn Academy aims to offer the best PHP training in Chennai. One of the most widely used programming languages on the server side is PHP. It is the best language to build web applications. PHP course in Chennai provides a clear path for the skills to acquire in the necessary field. Courseinn academy helps you to achieve prosperous career in the established way. The curriculum and syllabus in the courseinn academy incorporates every significant models related to the PHP course. Find below the details

Beginner PHP

The well-structured course trains you on the basic PHP concepts to build web applications and allows you to include script for wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Woocommerce, Magento, Laravel and others.

PHP variables

This model helps in understanding the string specification, PHP copying variables, string escape sequences, evaluation order during assignment, reassignment of PHP variables, concatenating strings in PHP.

Introductions to functions in PHP

Multiple functions are found in the PHP script and the variables scope are written statement, invoking a function and understanding PHP function in a defined way.

PHP built in functions

Many functions are learnt in the standardized way like echo

PHP arrays

PHP order, race array function, nested arrays, print_r function, array_push function, count function errors and many more are learnt here

Building web application

Get to learn the fundamental structure of web application and understand the interaction of browser with web server. Additionally you also get to learn about Request, Response, cycle includes get Post/ Redirect

Exploration of HTML basic syntax data structures language variables, iteration, logic, error handling, global variables also possible

  • Possibility of acquiring knowledge is related to my SQL like XAMPP
  • HTML form handling in PHP
  • Conditionals and logic in PHP
  • Loops in PHP
  • PHP form validation
  • Classes and objects in PHP

There is no dearth of work available to the PHP developers because their responsibilities includes code analysis, development and database optimisation, testing maintenance and many more.

Career path & Job Profiles in PHP

PHP developer is usually responsible for web based products should be skilled enough in my SQL, Ajax JavaScript and also strong enough in developing back and components connecting applications helping frontend developers. This shows how much a PHP developer is demanded in the web development option and every conventional role are highly redefining to the on-trend markets.

The frequent designations related to the PHP developers in job trend are

  • PHP trainee
  • PHP programmer
  • PHP web developer
  • Web designer
  • Project manager
Who should go for this PHP training?

The recent research clearly says famous web portals have included the basic functionality of PHP programming language. Multitudes of benefits are associated with this PHP course because many web development companies prefer PHP developers for building their websites and applications. Basically there is no stringent condition for pursuing. If you want your career to persuade in this line, then study this course.

Get to understand who the real beneficiaries of this PHP course are from below;

  • Fresher or any graduate can take up this PHP development course to earn a better salary in the top web development companies
  • Professionals who look opportunities for becoming a PHP developer can opt for PHP course
  • Those who wish to be a freelance PHP developer can take up this course.
  • Individuals those who seek knowledge in PHP can pursue this course
Prerequisites for this PHP Course?
  • Web development companies focus to hire PHP developers in the future to save their cost and time. This seems to be a great opportunity for web developers to pursue their career in PHP functionality. One of the prominent hosting solutions. There are some prerequisites and some essentials are found to join this course
  • Understanding of basic functionalities like HTML, CSS, JS and the web working mechanism.
  • Knowing JavaScript and the framework also add value to the course learning
  • Processing the fundamental knowledge of SQL and database design
  • Many suggest having the C language background since programming languages are completely based on this.
  • Capability to define accessibility and security compliance.
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Industry Recognized PHP Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

Setup Environment (LAMP / WAMP / XAMP)
  • Setup Webserver on local machine
  • Server-side technology
  • Server configuration
  • PHP configuration
  • Mysql configuration
Fundamentals of PHP
  • What is PHP
  • What can you do with PHP?
  • Basic Scripting Syntax
PHP Code Blocks
  • Data Types (integers, floats, strings and booleans)
  • Defining Constants and Variables
  • String functions
  • What are arrays?
  • How and when to use arrays
Initialising arrays
  • Using foreach
  • Add/remove elements from arrays
  • One-dimensional arrays
  • Multi-dimensional arrays
  • Array related functions
Conditional structures
  • Control structures
  • Logic and relational operators
  • Using ?If?, ?Else if? and ?Else?
  • Switch operator
  • Comparison operators
  • Conditional operators
Looping Statements
  • Using the While loop
  • Break statements
  • Continue statements
  • Using ?do...while?, ?for?, ?foreach?
  • Embedding loop inside html layout
  • Display Multidimensional array data in html table
Functions in PHP
  • Creating your own functions
  • Calling a function
  • Using arguments
  • Return statements
  • Scope of variables
  • Optional arguments
  • Dynamic, built-in and data functions
  • Inbuilt functions
  • date and time
  • implode / explode
  • include / require
File Handling
  • Opening files, local and remote
  • Reading & writing and moving files
  • Finding file metadata: size, ownership, modification time
  • Handling file permissions
  • Handling file ownership
Copying, Renaming and Deleting Files
  • Opening and reading directories
  • Assignment
  • Parsing a uploaded csv file and display in html layout
  • Store data collected fro a form in csv file format.
Form Handling
  • Working with Forms - GET, REQUEST and POST
  • Data Validation
  • Error handling
  • File uploads from the browser
  • Redirection
  • Assignment
  • Webpage to display all type of fields and submit the data
  • Upload a file and save it as unique in the directory
  • Login form admin user with username admin and password courseinn
Cookies and Sessions
  • When to use cookies
  • Setting cookies
  • Reading cookies
  • Deleting cookies
  • Setting sessions
  • Storing session variables
  • Reading sessions
  • Deleting session
  • Assignment:
  • Handling Remember Password
  • Store and get Session data
  • Authenticate pages with session
Usage of jQuery
  • jQuery - Introduction
  • Handling jQuery
  • Implementing AJAX with jQuery
  • Handle JSON data
  • Assignment
  • Validating form using jquery
  • Using API
Object-Oriented PHP
  • Object basics
  • Classes in PHP
  • constructors and destructors
  • Inheritance
  • instantiate & member access
  • Scope (Public, Private Protected, Static)
  • Object-Oriented vs Procedural Code
  • Exception Handling
  • Interfaces and Abstract Class
  • Namespaces
Handling Email with PHP
  • Sending email
  • Sending multi part email - MIME
  • SMTP - PHPMailer
  • Assignment
  • Collecting form data and send in email
MySQL Database Connectivity
  • Building a MySQL database
  • Handling PHPMyAdmin Panel
  • MySQLi Library
  • Connecting to MySQL
  • SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and UPDATE Database Records
  • Executing SQL Calls
  • Assignment
  • Simple admin panel (CRUD)? Add / Edit / Delete
  • Presenting data in html layout
Handling API's
  • Introduction to API
  • Creating API
  • How to use external API
  • Using API With an example
MVC Overview
  • Introduction to MVC
  • Framework installation and setup
  • MVC workflow with example
Mini Project
  • Choose any project as your preferrence
  • Requirement analysis
  • Admin theme to PHP conversion
  • Admin panel
  • Frontend
Go Live
  • Deploying local application into server
  • Working on Cpanel
  • Using Filezilla
+ more lesson
Course Completed
100 +
Internships provide
400 +
Jobs Sourced
100 +
Hiring Partners

100+ Tools and Technologies Covered in PHP Course


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Mode of PHP Training

Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Online Training
Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Internship Training
Instructor-Led Internship Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities

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Clients and Hiring Partners

The most trusted training institute in Chennai


"I had completed PHP Development Course, Training is very professional. Individual attention for each student. Assigned the task for every day. I completed 2 more projects. I have confident to attend the interview. I am a Job read php professional. Thanks Courseinn Team."

Arun Vijay

"I had an opportunity to undergo PHP course with Courseinn Academy. It is really worthy to spend the time, money and effort. Thank you so much for my trainers. "


"I have did my PHP Training in Coureinn Academy. At the initial stage I attended the demo class and I was satisfied with the class. Later I joined the PHP course where I learnt from the basics. The trainers helped me to work with real time projects and i got the job. Thanks Courseinn Team."

Sri Priya

Courseinn’ PHP Training FAQ’s

What is the aim of courseinn through PHP course training?

PHP course with courseinn creates a clear way for those who are interested to become a PHP developer. This aims to become as PHP developer, designer, and project manager and can also strengthen their programming language. Be determined to possess this passion for programming and attend the course.

What kind of module coverage found under php course?

The PHP course module includes basic codes, scripts and frameworks. It completely matches the industry corporate expectations by handling subjects related to the on trend and industry par contents of web designs, web applications and development

Explain the procedure to join the course.

Courseinn academy has various training institutes in and around Chennai. Whoever is interested to join this PHP course in Chennai can visit the website and get to know the details. You can also visit the institute directly and get the registration form for applying this course.

What types of training types courseinn offer?

Courseinn academy works with the convenience of the individuals who are pursuing this course because the course takers might be a professional, student and accordingly the time frame is fixed. Along with this get to know about the other methodology of handling classes. You can opt from the below choices

  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Customized training
How doing PHP course can increase my chances of getting the job?

It is one of the excellent choices especially for the IT freshers who have completed their studies and looking for a job. Get the experts training in the relevant field so that you can become a super special PHP developer as preferred by the IT corporate.

What is the salary details for PHP professionals in Chennai?

As the demand for PHP is increasing every year, scopes are wider related to the aspect of developers’ packages. The PHP developers in Chennai can expect around Rs 4 lacs per annum

Why full attendance is important?

Full attendance is mandatory because every class scheduled will be a blend of theoretical and practical session. There is a huge chance of missing the experts live interaction if you fail to attend the class. It is expected not to miss any of the trainings.

List out the courseinn features.

The unique methodology of courseinn has made the academy surge and sustain in the platform. It's known for its specific and unique hands on experience dealing with live projects

  • Dedicated work durations and training course
  • Experts handling the classes
  • Well defined syllabus and curriculum structure
  • Assured job assistance
  • Practical sessions
What are the scopes of PHP developers?

PHP developers are demanded by the companies to work for web development. Excellent choice is PHP for businesses to advertise and assign. Along with this freelancer also looks out for PHP developers who can definitely come with high package as there is short supply in the professionals..

What expectations can fresher have after completing the course?

Starting salary for a PHP developer could be 4-5 lacs per annum and as you move up the career ladder it can rise even 8 to 10 lacs.

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