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Introduction To Ionic Framework

Ionic is an advanced HTML5 open source mobile application development framework. With the help of Apache Cordova, Ionic can be run easily on mobiles. Instead of building apps for all platforms, Ionic allows building applications once and then to be used on many platforms. The biggest advantage that a developer can get from the Ionic framework is, code base remains the same in all mobile platforms and as well user interface remains the same as in native mobile platform.
It is built on HTML, JS and CSS to suit specific platforms. It’s most commonly used to build up hybrid applications. It allows to build apps easily and as well it’s the only mobile app stack that design app for all app stores and also for the mobile web. In addition to this, it guarantees the app to look wonderful in every single device.
With Courseinn Academy, you’ll learn to build mobile apps using an ionic framework, better ways to use HTML and JavaScript for creating apps, later on mastering ionic concepts and app development process, and as well will be able to build apps after the completion of course. In future, definitely, you’ll use everything that you learn here to build up the functional mobile app from scratch that helps you in gaining practical knowledge. So, still, what are you waiting for? Get started and become an app master.
We courseinn Academy offers best ionic training with complete key components along with practical training for the better learning experience. Our training will definitely help you with coding and the ways to maximize learning to the fullest.


You are just one step away from Ionic Framework, so just know the components of Ionic Framework and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • Theming
  • Ionic Components
  • App’s Navigation
  • Data Integration
  • Project Structure
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What you’ll learn from us

Learn how to use the proven Ionic Framework strategies
  • Learn to build mobile apps using the Ionic framework
  • Framework fundamentals and best practices
  • Using JavaScript and HTML to create apps
  • Test and deploy the app to the server
  • Security and implementation guidance
  • Ionics powerful tools and services
  • End to end app building strategies
  • Learning App development process

Career Path in Ionic Mobile App Development

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
The average salary for mobile app developer in India is around 4 lakhs and most of the peoples in this job move on to other roles rarely. Because of the increase in smartphones, there is a continuous demand for application developers
  • Ionic developer
  • Ionic framework expert
  • React Native developer
  • Ruby - Ionic developerr
  • Mobile - Ionic developer
  • Hybrid Mobile Ionic developer

Who Can Join Ionic Training?

Know how universal trend is Ionic Framework to study and follow
  • Freshers
  • Corporates
  • Angular developers
  • Software engineers
  • Web developers
  • Mobile App developers
  • Anyone interested in creating mobile apps
Presently, Ionic is spouting excessively and is a good tool whenever you need your things to be done faster. It’s well documented, has a good range of plugins, and growing. If you need your product faster and make your clients to be happy, then Ionic is the best tool.

Ionic Framework Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 15 Days Modules: 7
1 Introduction
Overview on Computing eras
Current mobile waves
Platforms, Frameworks & Tools
Hybrid frameworks
Web technology
Web APIs (backend)
The stack HTML5/CSS3/AngularJS/Cordova+platform
Ionic AngularJS and native-like applications.
2 The Basics
Diving deeper HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
JavaScript Basics and Frameworks
Overview of Angular
Ionic Framework
Why use Ionic?
Ionic 1 / 2
NodeJS / NPM
3 Angular
Data Binding & Filters
Controller & Views
Directives, Services
Angular 2 changes
Component and Typescript
4 Ionic Getting Started
Installing the tools and required npm packages
Ionic CLI
Platform and SDK Android / iOS
Starting and running a fresh project
Viewing App with Browser
Viewing on Android and iPhone Emulator
5 Ionic ToDo App
Project Structure
Application Logic
Ionic components
Navigation Stack
Screen Templates
6 Advanced Topics
Application structure
Application screens
Integrating the screens
Component customization
Working with APIs
7 Integrating Device Features Go Places App
Cordova CLI
ngCordova / Ionic native
Device console
Adding Camera plugin
Image capture and upload
Putting the Go Places App together
Configuring config.xml, icons, artwork
Customizing Ionic

Ionic Framework Course Fee & Packages

  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration

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Will I be able to develop applications after completing this course?
Yes, Courseinn Academy’s training in Ionic will completely equip you in flourishing apps using popular apps development platforms such as Ionic and AngularJS.
What are the prerequisites for this course?
Ionic is built on top of AngularJS and Apache Cordova, it will be good if you have basic knowledge about these technologies. Other than this, you need to be familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so that you will completely understand Ionic.
Do I get any scope after the completion of the course?
Yes, after the completion of the course, you will be eligible for different job positions such as iOS developer, Android developer and mobile app developer.
Why Courseinn Academy for Ionic Course?
Our mentors are leading developers in Chennai and they have around 10+ years of experience in their field and they are still working on it. Other than this,
  • We proceed step by step concepts with one on one training
  • Learning can be boring and so we proffer hands-on training
  • Complete support along with access to a community of developers
  • Get access to our exclusive resources
What are the benefits of learning Ionic?
Usually, different frameworks work for different purposes and now Ionic is working as the best HTML5 mobile framework available today. Some of the benefits of Ionic are
  • Completely free and open source
  • Built on top of Angular
  • Default UI that's easy to customize
  • Easily integrates with native functionality
  • Can just be a part of a friendly community