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Introduction To Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a holistic approach that helps in attracting individuals to a business and converts them into long-lasting customers. Nowadays, this method helps every organization to grow by grabbing traffic to conversion funnel, converting them into leads, completing the deal and at last making the customers feel happy. This usually happens with the help of search engines, blogs, and social media On the whole, this seems the best way to turn out strangers into customers for promoting the business. This work powerfully when it is implemented with sales and customer success strategies. Inbound marketing is the fundamental shift that every business needs as it is the process of empowering potential customers. Once you learn the essentials of inbound methodology, you can handle your marketing for a long time and can become successful in both career and business.
Our inbound marketing course has been designed completely to teach philosophy, methodology and strategy for business owners and marketers. Once you get enrolled in inbound marketing training at Courseinn Academy, you’ll definitely learn in-depth information from industry experts who live on the cutting edge of the marketing.Join immediately to stop thinking like an advertiser and start thinking like a socializer.


You are just one step away from digital marketing, so just know the components of digital marketing and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • SEO
  • Web design
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Nurturing plan
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Goals, Objectives and Metrics of a business
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What you’ll learn from us

Learn how to use the proven Inbound marketing strategies
  • Content Strategy
  • Blogging Techniques
  • Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Consumer Marketing Approach
  • Leads Nurturing using mails
  • Generating high potential leads
  • Grabbing prospective customers into customer funnel

Career path in Inbound Marketing

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
If are really passionate about inbound marketing, then you are already a step ahead in the right direction. Yes, inbound marketing is the best choice for everyone who wishes to boost up their business.
  • Social Media Manager
  • Inbound Marketing Strategist
  • Content Marketing Strategist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Content Marketing Manager

Who Should Join Inbound Marketing Training?

Know how universal trend is Inbound marketing to study and follow
  • Freshers
  • Web Designers
  • MBA graduates
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Career Switchers
  • IT professionals
  • Startup industry professionals
  • Marketing professionals and Sales Persons
Digital marketing is not a limitation to anyone. People from different walks of life can benefit by learning digital marketing course. Come, let’s find out how universal trend is digital marketing to study and follow.

Inbound Marketing Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 15 Days Modules: 7
1 Introduction to Inbound Marketing
What is inbound marketing?
How inbound marketing helps a business?
Fundamentals of inbound methodology
2 Long-term content strategy
What is content marketing?
Importance of planning long-term contents
Creating an effective blog post
Ways of enhancing business using blogs
Ways for building content strategy
3 Topic clusters and Pillar pages
What is topic clusters?
How to create topic clusters?
What is pillar page and subtopic?
Why are topic clusters important in content strategy?
How to create an effective topic cluster and pillar page?
4 Social Media Promotion
Why is social media strategy necessary?
Importance of different social media channels
Generating engaging content in social media
Social media auditing
Merging inbound strategies with digital marketing
5 Conversational growth strategy
What is conversational growth?
Steps to implement the strategy
Working on messaging channels
Elements of conversational growth strategy
Why is conversational growth important in inbound marketing?
6 Conversions
What is conversion and why it is important for inbound marketing?
Calculating conversion rate
Building an effective conversion path
Creating conversion optimization strategy
Ways to implement conversion optimization
Reporting and analyzing conversion optimization
7 Lead Nurturing
Why lead nurturing is important?
Enabling Sales
Basics of lead nurturing
Aligning marketing with sales
Creating an effective lead nurturing campaign
What is customer marketing and why it is important?
Ways of creating a long-lasting relationship with customers

Inbond Marketing Course Fee & Packages

  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
₹33520* Discovery week off
  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
₹33520* Discovery week off

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Why should I learn inbound marketing?
Most of the companies are spending huge money to grasp their targeted audience with the help of online channels. Inbound marketing is nothing but converting the existing reach into customers for revenue generation. So, learning this course will definitely help you in multiplying the returns that you get from your existing business.
What are the pre-requisites for this course?
All you need to know is the basic understanding of business terms such as leads, sales, customers etc., along with the fundamental computer skills.
Is this course right for me?
Whether you are starting your career or you are already a professional, get registered with this course as the world is nothing without marketing. You can build your profile along with certification to attract stranger customer towards your business, converting them for sales and as well delighting them.
Does it grow my career?
No doubts, our trainers are leading digital marketers in Chennai. They are up-to-date and follow only the best practices. So, invest in yourself and stay updated with latest inbound methodologies. Just join and update your profile with the globally recognized certification.
Do you provide job guarantee?
Yes, we provide 100% job placement assistance. Generally, digital marketing has huge supply gap and so after completing training, you will definitely get a job if you have the experience of working on live projects. Other than this, there are only a few marketers available who knows the exact ways to enhance client’s business with digital marketing.