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Enriched Modules to Become The Master of Google Adwords Digital Advertising Skills With Certified Google Partner.

Why you Should Learn Google Adwords

Google Adwords is a scalable marketing strategy. Around 80% of internet users use Google Adwords Ads. Since we are going to pay for qualified leads, every organization shows interest in investing in Google AdWords.

Adwords has impressive analytics. With reliable data, one can have control of his campaign budget. One can also stop the AdWords campaign anytime or even can pause it temporarily. This flexibility has gained huge attraction from the marketers.

Highly demanded by organizations since Google AdWords go live with the launch whereas SEO will take months to give organic results. You can easily get a leg up on your competitors. By outbidding your competitors, you can essentially steal their traffic and direct them to your site.

Google PPC Ads Training in Chennai

Google Adwords is an online advertising system which is offered by Google to make the store owners reach the customers instantly. It assists the business people to display their store's ads on the Google advertising network. When the customers search the web using any keywords in the search engine, they will view the advertisements above the organic search results.

Google Adwords helps in improving the website visitors, grow online sales, get the phone calls or keep your customers visit back for more. With Google Adwords, your business gets found by millions of people in Google when they search for the products you offer. You can target the correct audience by restricting the radius of the reach of advertisement for your business to grow.

Thus, businesses bid for the keywords and pay when users click on that advertisement. Google presently leads globally in mobile and digital advertising revenue. To get more PPC-based clients for your company or to improve your own sales or if you are a job seeker, getting certified can boost your credibility.

Google Ads Key Features

55 + Modules
10+ Industry Led Trainers
15+ Certifications
100% Placement
100% Internship Opportunity
Why Learn with Courseinn Academy for Google Ads Course?

Courseinn Academy’s Google certified experts with industrial experience who will make the class more interactive and engaging. We provide our students with the classes on their flexible timings via both online and offline methods. For the job seekers, we assure you for placement training and interview preparation.

Through the Google Adwords certification course, we teach you

  • To target the right audience at the right time.
  • To increase the number of people engaged in your website
  • How to expertise in paid advertising method to improve your roi
  • .
  • To design a well structured paid advertisements to generate more leads to your company.
  • To craft the best campaign with the given budget.
  • Research keywords for your campaign.
  • Track the ad performance once it goes live.
  • Create video advertising.
  • Design display ads for remarketing campaigns.

Moreover, we at Courseinn Academy in Chennai will give indispensable importance to practical training more than conventional theory classes. At the end of the course, you will be an expert in crafting a Paid campaign and make it more successful. There is a pot of treasure at the end of the Digital marketing rainbow. If you have not yet started still, join COURSEINN – A One stop solution for all your digital marketing training needs

What you’ll learn from Google Adwords Course

Google Adwords is a paid marketing method mainly utilized to increase website traffic. Every organization will have this marketing strategy in its top priority to increase their brand awareness and lead generation. With Google Adwords, one can easily target their audience by their geography, language, time, devices and many more. Courseinn provides the legit Google Adwords course in Chennai. By enrolling in this course you will get a deep knowledge of Adwords and will learn to gain positive outcomes through high hands-on.

Basics of Paid advertisement

You will get to know the introduction of paid advertisements and its benefits. You will understand the benefits of Adwords. Learn more about bidding strategies and the available paid advertising channels.

Account creation

Learn to create a google AdWord account. Basic Google ads terminologies will be trained. Recent updates and account structure of Adwords will be clearly explained.

Search Campaign and optimization

Will learn to create campaigns by understanding the keyword planner tools and traffic estimation tools. Also, you will get a clear picture of the key parameters that improve

Dynamic Ads and Display Ads

A clean study on both ads will be gained. You will learn on display targeting parameters and dynamic URL tracking in detail.


You will get to know more about how to set up a remarketing campaign and will understand remarketing tags and more details about the bidding strategies.

Conversion Tracking

One of the key elements of this course. In this part, you will learn to track the assisted conversions, impressions, first click and many more.

Google Ads auction and bidding

Understanding more about Ads Auction, Ad Rank, quality score and improving quality score, types of CPC and Auction Insight tools.

Campaign report analysis

Get to know about different levels of analysis. Learn to segment data and filtering data. You will able to generate reports in terms of search terms, auction insights, keywords, and dimensions.

Video marketing with Youtube

Understand why video marketing. Learn to set up a video campaign. The objective of video marketing and more on Instream and discovery ads

Career path & Job Profiles in Google Adwords course

Google Adwords has become a standard for keyword-based advertising. Offline advertising has almost outdated. As everything is getting converted to digital, advertising in digital platforms is trending nowadays. Along with in-house jobs, there are many more opportunities waiting for freelancers too. As Google AdWords is the world’s largest advertising platform in terms of reach and higher ROI, you need to get trained on this platform. Courseinn offers you the best Google Adwords course in Chennai. By enrolling your self you will be eligible to encounter any one of the below-mentioned jobs.

  • PPC manager/ PPC Expert
  • PPC specialist/ Google Adwords specialist
  • Campaign manager.
  • Google Ads Professional
  • Search engine marketing executive
  • SEM manager
  • Digital marketing executive/ manager
  • Landing page designer
Who should go for this Google Adwords certification course

Since Google Adwords is very important for online success, every organization has taken this tool in their hands. So the demand for Google Adwords professionals is really high. By knowing this, people showing their interest to enroll themselves in this course and make their career more demanding and challenging.

Courseinn delivers the best Google Adwords course in Chennai and you can join and get to know the in-depth of paid advertisements.

Marketing Professionals
Professionals in other roles
Business owners and Entrepreneurs
Digital marketing professionals
Students & Fresher
Career Switchers
Job Seeker

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Prerequisites for this Google Adwords Course?

Courseinn that delivers the best Google AdWords course in Chennai doesn’t require you to have any prerequisites to understand this course. Courseinn can train anyone in this course. You may be fresher or an intermediate, our trainers understand your understanding level and the training will be provided accordingly.

Training in GoogleAdWords will also include designing promotional materials using photoshop, also you will be focusing on the landing page so it will be good if you have minimum knowledge on WordPress and HTML. This will help you to understand the course easily and you can execute the concept independently.

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Industry Recognized Google Ads Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

pay per click advertising metrics
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Conversions
  • Attribution
  • User Engagement
Overview of Google Ads
  • What is Google Ads
  • History of Google Ads
  • Create Google Ads for Business
  • MCC Accounts
  • Billing
  • Google Ad Struccture
  • Tools
  • Keyword Planner
Search Engine Marketing
  • Understanding Search Engine Marketing
  • Fundamental of Pay Per Click
  • Goals for Search campaigns
  • Choose the best campaign types
  • Get to know the Google Search experience
  • Implement website conversion tracking
  • Create effective text ads
  • Enhance your ads with extensions
  • Control which searches trigger your ads
  • Set up a Search Engine campaign
  • Adjust bids to favour performers
  • Determine a good bidding strategy
  • Evaluate Search engine campaign performance
  • Align your budget with your goals
  • Evaluate campaign performance
  • Avoid editorial errors
  • Address trademark disapprovals
  • Track Paid Search Traffic with Google Analytics
Display Marketing
  • Learn the basics of Google Display Ads
  • Goals for Display Marketing
  • where customers see your ads
  • Set up a Display Network campaign
  • Choose the most beneficial ad formats
  • Build effective creative for your goals
  • Reach customers with targeting
  • Determine a good bidding strategy
  • Drive results with the Display Network
  • Optimize your Display campaign
  • Adjust targeting to reach more people
  • Track conversions to improve performance
  • Avoid Editorial errors & trademark disapprovals
Video Marketing
  • Learn the basics of Google Video Ads
  • Developing content on YouTube
  • Understand your audience
  • Find the right video solutions & metrics
  • The value of video advertising
  • Where customers see your video
  • Make effective True View ad creative
  • Target with the Display Network
  • Build your video campaign in Google Ads
  • Optimize your video campaign for success
  • Keep track of video campaign performance
  • Avoid editorial errors and trademark disapprovals
Shopping Marketing
  • Find new customers with Google Shopping
  • Create a Merchant Centre account
  • Capture your product data
  • Simplify with automatic item updates
  • Use Feed Rules to optimize product data
  • Submit product data without errors
  • Create a Shopping campaign
  • Align your bid strategy to Shopping goals
  • Reach users with Showcase Shopping ads
  • Ensure your Shopping ads are compliant
  • Optimize your Shopping campaign
  • Reach users with Showcase Shopping ads
  • Measure Shopping campaign performance
  • Remarket with the Search Network
  • Remarket with the Display Network
  • Tailor ads with Dynamic Remarketing
  • Remarket with the YouTube
Mobile App Marketing
  • Mobile App Marketing in Google
Google Analytics
Reporting and Measurement
+ more lesson
Course Completed
100 +
Internships provide
400 +
Jobs Sourced
100 +
Hiring Partners

100+ Google Ads Tools Covered


Industry-led Google Ads Upcoming Batches

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Mode Of Google Ads Training

Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Online Training
Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Internship Training
Instructor-Led Internship Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities

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Career Coaching

Our domain experts know what exactly this industry needs. We extend our hands in building a great career for you.

Resume Feedback

Being in this digital industry for more than a decade we know the importance of the resume. We support you to have a vibrant resume that attracts the recruiters.

Mock Interview

We believe that practice makes perfect. Our placement team will make you undergo several mock sessions and you will be tuned well for facing the interview.

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To achieve more, we need to dream more. But dreaming alone will not going to take there. Just take a step forward and enter your dreamland in real.

Clients and Hiring Partners

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"I have joined the Google AdWords course in Courseinn Academy there are great teaching skills make the topics understandable and easy to learn. This is really helpful for me."

Mohan S

"The Google Adwords course really help me a lot for my career success. I have taken this platform is well-suited for professionals."

Mani Kandan

"Google AdWords course is very interesting to learn for me and which excellent for my career development."


Courseinn’ Google Ads Training FAQ’s

What are the key benefits of Google AdWords?

It is very important to understand the importance and the real need for Google AdWords.

  • Adwords really work faster-comparing SEO.
  • It instantly increases brand awareness.
  • You can get reconnected with the visitors of your website.
  • Able to measure the consistency of the performance.
  • You can always be ahead of your competitors.
  • Increase a high-quality audience.
  • Easily influence your audience.
  • Be more targeted by choosing the demographics.
  • Google Adwords is relatively inexpensive.
  • One can limit their spending
What I will learn from this course?

By completing this course, you will be able to

  • Work on online advertising
  • Know more about landing pages and will create a landing page using photoshop and HTML.
  • Understand more about keywords for a campaign
  • Track your Ads performance.
  • Measure your return of investment
  • Leverage your video Advertising.
Who can be most benefited from joining this course?

Google Adwords is purely business oriented as its primary objectives are brand awareness and lead generation. This course will be benefited for all entrepreneurs or businessmen who need to develop their company with more sales and revenue. In parallel, people who want to start their career in the field of digital marketing can join this course. Since there is a huge demand for Google Adwords professional, those who are planning for switching the career or seeking a new job can directly be benefited from this course.

Will courseinn take care of my placement?

Courseinn has a dedicated placement team who will take care of your placement once you complete the course. Our skilled trainers will prepare you on how to attend the interview and clear it. You will get clear ideas through our mock interview sessions. By enrolling with courseinn you can be at ease about your placement.

What are the Training methods followed in Courseinn Academy?

Courseinn understands your requirements and the need for enrolling in this course. We will provide both classroom training as well as online training. Candidates who are far away can make use of our online classes. The same curriculum will be followed and weekly assignments will be given. Students will be assessed by our trainers on a regular basis and after evaluating your understanding level, the intensity of training will change.

What is the scope and future of Google Adwords?

Three out of four consider Google Adwords to be useful in finding the required information. Video ads are gaining more responses than text-based ads. So there is a gradual increase in video Ads in recent days. Consumers make more than 160 billion searches in Google alone. Google Ads alone reached more than $2 million in websites and applications. This shows that there is a greater market in the future for Google Adwords.

Why should I take up this course with Courseinn Academy?

Courseinn delivers the best Google Adwords Training in Chennai.

  • You can experience the true power of hands-on training with Courseinn
  • Our curriculum is designed by industry experts who have more than 10+ years of experience in the relevant field.
  • You can get in detail with our interactive and practical session.
  • Can make use of class recordings even if you miss any of your regular classes.
  • Since the subject is dynamic, you will get access to the current updates of the course for a lifetime.
  • Enjoy flexible training methods.
What is the average salary of a Google Adwords professional?

By getting well trained on Google Adwords concept with courseinn, one can easily be placed in the topmost firms. Initially one needs to put more effort to prove himself. Only then he can demand his salary. Being a fresher you can expect up to 20K per month. But don’t stop yourself in updating your knowledge.

What type of certificate will I get?

People who want to develop their own business may not give importance to the course completion certificate but people who join this course for their placement will definitely be conscious about the certificate they are going to possess. The certificate should hold value only then it can be considered at the time of the interview. Courseinn that delivers the best Google Adwords training in Chennai provides industry-recognized certificates to the candidates who successfully complete the course.

What is the fee structure of this course?

Although the Google Adwords course is one of the most demanded courses, the fee structure is quite affordable. We need all the class of people to be benefited from this course so we have framed an economical fee structure for all our courses.

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