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Front End Development Training in Chennai

Front end development is a blend of programming and layout that together power the visuals and interactions of the web.
Yes, front end languages are usually live in the browser. After typing an address into the address bar, the browser at first receives HTML file and in turn that file requests for CSS and JavaScript. Even though each of these languages is separate, it performs unique functions such as structured web page (HTML), aesthetics (CSS) and functions (JavaScript) that together make web pages perfect.
It’s not a design, but this makes the designers apply for their work by translating super-designed layouts into real codes. Developers must handle all the possible interaction that user’s make with the web pages.
We Courseinn Academy have designed this course with valuable skills that help our students to get prepared for a wide array of companies from startups to global organizations. After the completion of this front end web developer course in Chennai, the projects you build and the portfolio you have will be the plenteous evidence for your expertise.
Think of, front end developers are in intense demand and so create a professional portfolio for yourself with Courseinn Academy and get open for the world of opportunities. Our hiring partners are eager to meet you.

Components of Front End Development Course in Chennai

You are just one step away from Front End Development, so just know the components of Front End Development and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • Advanced HTML
  • Advanced CSS
  • Responsive web design
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • PHP
  • WordPress
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What you’ll learn from us

Learn how to use the proven Front End Development strategies
  • Familiarize with incorporating metadata and multimedia
  • Learn jQuery languages for user interface development
  • Learn to craft meaningful and user-friendly websites
  • Skills for establishing web applications
  • Learn to code in jQuery and JavaScript
  • Essentials of front-end development
  • Put up high level navigation
  • Build end user interfaces

Career path in Front End Development

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
Based on a payscale study, approximately front end developer earns a median of $53,000. It’s currently one of the trending jobs and concerns are looking for a person with a complete mastery over divergent layers of the stack.
  • Web Developer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Front end developer
  • Senior software engineer
  • Software development manager

Who should join this course?

Know how universal trend is Front End Development to study and follow
  • Freshers
  • Job seekers
  • Web Designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Computer Programmers
  • Marketers and Designers
  • Bachelor’s degree in computers
  • Anyone interested into the world of coding
Due to the expeditious development in the web universe, one needs to master everything to stay updated in this changing world. Front end development is nothing but a practice of building websites using different languages. So, if you need to start your career as a developer, then front end development will be the basic footstep.

Frontend Development Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 15 Days Modules: 10
1 Introduction to Programming
Overview of front-end development
Joining the programming community
Freelancing techniques
Making critical technical choices
Project management
HTML introduction
Basic elements
Special tags
Color codes
Body and Style
Advanced HTML
HTML Graphics
HTML Semantics
Tables and forms
Security settings
CSS introduction
CSS styling
CSS box model
CSS advanced
CSS frameworks
4 Javascript
What is Javascript?
Structure of Javascript code
Types and Objects
Document Object Model (DOM)
DOM Manipulation
Events and Listeners
Debugging JavaScript
Applications of JavaScript
Javascript libraries
5 JQuery
Introduction to JQuery
Basic elements of JQuery
JQuery Mobile
6 Responsive web design and resources
Introduction to responsive web design
Main concepts
Adjusting screen resolution
CSS3 Media queries
Flexible images
Content management
Responsive web design resources
7 Bootstrap
Introduction to Bootstrap
Basics of Bootstrap
Bootstrap Grids and themes
Bootstrap CSS
Bootstrap JS
8 Angular
Introduction to Angular
Expressions and Modules
Data Binding and Scopes
Directives & Events
Controllers, Filters and Services
Fetching Data from MySQL
9 DreamWeaver Syllabus
Introduction to Dreamweaver
WYSIWYG Editor/workspace
Basics and shortcuts
Panels and toolbars
Automation and Source code formatting
10 PSD to HTML conversion
Setting up a folder structure
Reading the design
PSD to HTML conversion
Dynamic content
Cross-browser compatibility
Image optimization
Setting up the Naming convention

Front End Development Course Fee & Packages

  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration

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Why should I learn front end development?
Most of the employers are looking for the peoples with these skills. As well, there is a high potential to get a six-figure salary. So, once you finish this course, you’ll definitely get job opportunities from left and right, if you have a good relationship with the community and a nice portfolio.
What are the prerequisites for this course?
There are no prerequisites for learning this course. However, web development is broad and need to go for different domains. So, it will be good if you have the basic understanding of computer and programming.
Is this course right for me?
Of course, if you love technology, you’ll definitely get an exciting career and you’ll enjoy creating web pages. In addition to this, you’ll,
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Get a lucrative career
  • Be in a high demand
  • Higher career options
  • Constantly evolving field
Will I be able to work from anywhere?
Yes, freedom is the number one reason to learn to code. Of course, you don’t want to stick to a place if you don’t like to work from a single physical location. If you have the internet and laptop in your hand, then you can make money from anywhere.
Why front end development course?
Whether you are a beginner in coding industry or a coding ninja, just take time to learn these as there’ll always be something to learn. In addition to this,
  • It’s in huge demand
  • Provides huge earnings
  • Excellent job growth
  • Progress in career