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Master the art of developing Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

Why you Should Learn Angular Js

Angular is preferred by every developer for building website desktop and mobile applications. Different version of angular is getting released because of its demand and updated versions. It's more appealing to the mobile developers.

Angular is demanded huge in the market which has eventually resulted in increased job market for people who are pursuing their courses in angular. Angular JS is used since 2010 and fortune 500 companies never fail to implement this framework.

Angular JS is considered to be one of the industry standards in the web development and applications creations. It's used by the popular companies like Google, Tesla, Paypal, Netflix and many more.

AngularJS course in Chennai

Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework that can be used to generate rich and interactive single page web applications. It supplements HTML DOM with auxiliary attributes which are more responsive to user actions. It’s an open source front-end web application framework and is free which is used all over the world by numerous developers.

Apart from this, it helps in extending HTML vocabulary along with Model View Controller (MVC) to make the website into a more reader-friendly and presentable format. Its fully extendible and as well more libraries too.

If you wish to create web applications in a fast, easy and rewarding way, then getting Angular training from the best Angular institute in Chennai will be the right choice.

Courseinn Academy’s Angular course syllabus will cover all the versions of Angular which will help in the future while designing dynamic user interface of web apps.

You are just one step away from Angular, so just know the components of Angular and speed up your career for your business growth.

Angular Key Features

55 + Modules
10+ Industry Led Trainers
15+ Certifications
100% Placement
100% Internship Opportunity
Master Angular Concepts and Integrate Bootstrap with Angular projects

Take your career to the next level with this angular front end development course. Learn to create your first web applications from the most on demand and fast-growing JavaScript framework

The Angular training in chennai begin with standard and libraries of TypeScript. Which provide a build solid and dynamic web application. Finally you will gain a job ready professional of angular front end development field.

  • Essential Javascript convictions that revitalize Angular.
  • Build highly reactive and user-friendly web applications
  • Modularising code with the custom services and directives.
  • Master Angular concepts and integrate Bootstrap with Angular projects.
  • Generate single-page applications using modern JavaScript frameworks.
  • Develop complex, responsive and scalable web applications.

Additionally, our Angular training in Chennai will guide you in developing both web and mobile applications. We often provide excellent guidance and fully interactive classes.

Skills Covered in this Course

  • Directives
  • Services
  • Forms
  • HttpAccess
  • Authentication
  • Routing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Single Page Apps
What you’ll learn from Angularjs Course.

Courseinn academy provides the best angular course in Chennai. With the skills provided through the course definitely aims to succeed by getting the best career. Course and curriculum encompasses every concept of angular JS course. Find below the details of the course.

  • Angular JS is a complete framework which has become prominent among the web developers.
  • Angular JS framework is determined to provide interactive options for the single page applications by creating real time experience.
  • One of the friendly tools to develop and it includes YouTube video manager, Google products, weather channel site and many more
Angular JS introduction

This course aims to give you an understanding of the framework and the practical implementation involved. Know the basic concepts of angular. JS through this module which will be trained through examples.

MVC architecture and environment setup

Will be trained with more complex functionalities of angular JS which includes models like controllers, expressions, directives, dependency injection, scopes, routing, filter and two way data binding.

Building framework

Get trained to understand the methodologies to build a framework for the dynamic application using bootstrap, layouts, list, routing, filters and establishing parameters. Besides this you will get to know about functions whereas adding, updating and deleting elements take place. Along with these things learn debugging with chrome console and also custom directors to create a readable HTML format.

Angular JS projects

You can use the framework to create a website and also hybrid applications by yourself. Get the solid understanding of angular JS language which helps in practical implementation of the learnt content.

  • Implementing controllers and the ways to bind your controller course
  • Understand the methodology involved in constructing angular views and templates by adopting the expressions and the directives involved
  • Learn the ways of processing the asynchronous task
  • Understand the building formation of angular and have to validate the client side performance. It helps you to invent HTML syntax
Career path & Job Profiles in Angular Js

Being an open source project it has created a very large community and gaining relevance in the market. Development framework has witnessed huge growth because of the availability of creating single page web applications. AngularJS definitely enhances the browser to perform with dynamism and display content in an intuitive way. Find below the job titles for angular JS opportunities

  • Web developer
  • Web developer
  • UI developer
  • UI engineer
  • MVC Web developer
  • Front end developer
  • Front end web developer
  • JavaScript developer
Who should go for this Angular Js training?

Increased demand for single page application has led angular JS to be an emerging platform where every business starting from enterprises to the top companies never fails to adopt. Web application companies look for HTML workers and that's how angular JS needs came in. It's very intuitive and expressive for single page web applications. It's important to learn the commonly used framework to make this angular JS as a tool to create flawless applications.

Get to know below the beneficiaries from this course

  • Students, graduates and postgraduates with computer science background
  • Individuals who would like to gain practical application knowledge can take up the course
  • Professionals who are already in the web development ,web designing and programming languages can choose
  • Those who aspire to go for start-ups or to become a freelancer can choose this course
Prerequisites for this Angular JS Course?

Angular JS is an open source framework which is very much effective in developing the web applications. HTML is the basic template and enables the web developer to make use of HTML syntax and create applications. Everyone is quite interested to pursue this course, yet there are certain norms and requirements found for joining the scores.

  • Previous experience of fundamental knowledge in HTML CSS and JavaScript
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in using HTML
  • Basic understanding of the MVC on model-view-controller
  • It would be exemplary if an individual possess the working knowledge related to document object model
  • Having profound experience in JavaScript including functions events and error and links is appreciated
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Industry Recognized Angular JS Training Syllabus

Well trained domain experts deliver the premium content through case studies, real-time projects, assignments and live sessions.

Introduction to Angular
  • What is Angular?
  • Why is it important?
  • Features of Angular
  • My first Angular app
  • What is Model-View-Controller (MVC) and why it is important?
Setting Up Angular
  • Overview of JavaScript & TypeScript
  • Setting up and Installation of Angular CLI
Angular expressions and filters
  • Creating custom filters
  • How to use Angular expressions
  • Usage of Built-in Angular filters
  • Introduction to Angular expressions
  • Angular expressions v/s Javascript expressions
Fundamental Components
  • Lifecycle Hooks
  • Content Projection
  • Architecting with Components
  • ViewChildren & ContentChildren
  • Templates, Styles, and View Encapsulation
Overview of Angular Directives
  • Introduction to Directives
  • NgFor
  • Directive lifecycle
  • NgIf and NgSwitch
  • NgIf and NgSwitch
  • Binding controls to data
  • NgNonBindable
  • Structural Directives
  • Inputs & Configuration
  • Using HostListener & HostBinding
  • Using Angular built-in directives
  • Creating Custom Angular Directives
Controllers and pipes
  • Custom Pipes
  • Role of a Controller
  • Nested Controllers
  • Using filters in Controllers
  • Controllers in External Files
  • Built-in Pipes and their parameters
  • Understand and utilize Async Pipes
  • Attaching properties and functions
  • Model Driven Forms
  • Validating Angular Forms
  • Template Driven Forms
  • Updating models with a twist
  • Working with Angular forms
  • Model binding and Form controller
Dependency Injection (DI) & Providers
  • Injectors
  • Provider
  • Tokens
  • Configuring Dependency Injection in Angular
  • NgModule.providers vs Component.providers vs Component.viewProviders
Single Page Application(SPA)
  • What is a SPA?
  • What are the Pros & Cons of SPA
  • Installing the ngRoute module
  • Configure routes and Passing parameters
  • Resolving promises
  • Creating a SPA
Routing and Navigation in Angular
  • Parameterised Routes and Nested Routes
  • Overview of Route Configuration
  • Working with Navigation
  • Routing Strategies
  • Router Guards
Unit Testing Best Practices
  • Testing Classes & Pipes
  • Testing Change Detection
  • Testing Asynchronous Code
  • Testing with Mocks & Spies
  • Testing Dependency Injection
  • Testing Http and Routing
  • Introduction to Jasmine & Karma
  • Testing Component, Directives, Model Driven Forms
Build Apps with Angular
  • Setting up deep linking and routing
  • Wiring up a second partial
  • Creating details template
  • Angular animation events
  • Setting up deep linking and routing
+ more lesson
Course Completed
100 +
Internships provide
400 +
Jobs Sourced
100 +
Hiring Partners

100+ Tools and Technologies Covered in Angular Course


Industry-led Angular Upcoming Batches

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Instructor-Led Classroom Training
Instructor-Led Classroom Training
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  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Online Training
Instructor-Led Online Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
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  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
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Instructor-Led Corprate Training
Instructor-Led Corprate Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities
Instructor-Led Internship Training
Instructor-Led Internship Training
  • Live Instructor Led Classroom
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Smart Classroom
  • 100% Interships opportunities

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"Amazing course! The trainer explains every topic thoroughly and in full detail. The structure of the course very well and suitable for all."

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"It was an awesome course. I felt enough confident on Angular to work on real time projects. They are excellent in training and professional with practical examples. Thanks for your good teaching. "


Courseinn’ Angular Training FAQ’s

Who can learn angular JS?

Whoever aspires to become an expertise in the single page application and wanted to be a master in the web developer can learn the course AngularJS. The other related roles could be project manager, software architect, developers, testing professionals are the major beneficiaries.

What are the types of training available for the professional students and various aspirants in the courseinn?

Requirements of people change and in order to meet everybody's need there are different types of training available which can be found below. According to your time and convenience you can opt for the course and for more details you can contact the institute.

  • Classroom/Lecture method
  • Practical sessions-one to one
  • Online/Visual training
What are the ways available to join this course?

Anyone can comfortably join this angularjs course and courseinn makes it very much possible for you. If you are interested directly visit the website www.courseinn.com

or can come as a walk-in to any of the courseinn angularjs training institute in chennai

Can I know more about the fee details for the course?

AngularJs framework is a preferred tool across the web development market. Time has come to get trained in this course. Courseinn accomplishes the target of equipping every aspirant to undergo this course practically as well as with the live projects. It also provides you the option of various methods of classes for which the fee details change. Contact the institute for detailed information.

What is the necessity to learn angular JS?

AngularJS is simple to use flexible and extensible in nature. It has the content of JavaScript libraries which focus on creating programs easy for the web developers. Nevertheless the fundamental features of angular JS creates surge in job demands.

Why salary for the Angular JS professionals in Chennai is high?

Angular JS is one of the demanding technologies and scope of salary can be really higher which constitutes 7 lacs per annum.

Why to prefer courseinn?
  • One of the best institutes in Chennai having unique methodology of training and curriculum pattern.
  • It offers best angularjs training in chennai
  • Study materials will be provided

Classes can be scheduled based on convenience

Brief about the highlights of courseinn training?

Courseinn stands out as a best institute in Chennai. Unique methodology and the system has made courseinn academy excel in the field.

  • Live projects for practical understanding
  • Stipulated training hours
  • Industry experts handling classes
  • Ensured job training and assistance
  • Affordable fee package
Define the scope in angular JS?

One of the worthy investments for the web developers could be on angularJS which remains to be a great tool for the professionals to process the work. Lack of skilled professionals with the learnt AngularJS is found. Learning the course and developing skills can fetch a highly paid career

What would be the career opportunities after completing the angular JS course?

It is one of the preferred framework across the world and every business is driven by the web technology. AngularJS is demanded by the top organisation and in fact the core business depends on it. This creates more job opportunities and one of the highly paid jobs is angular JS jobs.

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