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Angular Course in Chennai

Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework that can be used to generate rich and interactive single page web applications. It supplements HTML DOM with auxiliary attributes which are more responsive to user actions. It’s an open source front-end web application framework and is free which is used all over the world by numerous developers. Apart from this, it helps in extending HTML vocabulary along with Model View Controller (MVC) to make the website into a more reader-friendly and presentable format. Its fully extendible and as well more libraries too.
If you wish to create web applications in a fast, easy and rewarding way, then getting Angular training from the best Angular institute in Chennai will be the right choice. Courseinn Academy’s Angular course syllabus will cover all the versions of Angular which will help in the future while designing dynamic user interface of web apps. We are one of the top Angular training institutes in Chennai who offer Angular certification course that is specially customized for web designers and UI developers.
Additionally, our Angular certification training course will guide you in developing both web and mobile applications. We often provide excellent guidance and fully interactive classes. This quality makes us the best providers of Angular training in Chennai by our former students. Our Angular training course is a real-time project-based and so our candidates seem comfortable in planning single page web application under the supervision. In fact, our mentors give small tasks to the students daily which influence them to build Single page web-based application efficiently.
We are offering the following in our Angular training institute in Chennai,
  • AngularJS training course
  • Angular 2 training course
  • Angular 4 Training course
  • Angular 5 Training course
  • Angular 6 Training course
  • Angular 7 Training course
In addition, we are providing a certification course in our Angular online training institute and as well we have been tied up with numerous IT companies. So, you will able to get placed in top companies efficiently. This makes us unique to stand apart from the crowd as the best Angular training institute in Chennai with placement
If you are looking out for the best Angular training institute in Chennai, then just join your hands with us to make end-to-end angular applications by working with several real-time samples and case studies.

Components of Angular

You are just one step away from Angular, so just know the components of Angular and speed up your career for your business growth.
  • Components
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Forms
  • HttpAccess
  • Authentication
  • Routing
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What you’ll learn from us

Learn Angular from Scratch Step by Step
  • Essential Javascript convictions that revitalize Angular.
  • Build highly reactive and user-friendly web applications
  • Modularising code with the custom services and directives.
  • Outline custom directives with simply reusable components.
  • Master Angular concepts and integrate Bootstrap with Angular projects
  • Generate single page applications using modern JavaScript frameworks
  • Develop complex, responsive and scalable web applications
  • Troubleshoot common Angular errors

Career path in Angular

We assist you to excel your career by attaining best positions in your career path
The real scenario behind the industry is already companies are recruiting freshers and training them in Angular. So, if you are already proficient, then the chance of getting placed will double up. Almost, there are 70% of a knowledge gap in this field. So, just think over it and grab the opportunity by joining the best institute for Angular in Chennai.
  • Angular developer
  • Project Managers
  • Software Architects
  • Testing Professionals

Who can join this Angular course?

Know how universal trend is Angular to study and follow
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freshers
  • Technical leads
  • Quality Analysts
  • Software Architects
  • Full stack developers
  • User Interface developers
  • Technical project managers
Today, Angular is the hottest word in the web application world. It’s completely challenging and provides an exciting career option. We are providing the best Angular course in Chennai which will commence from zero knowledge to advanced and so, it’s perfectly fine for everyone from freshers to project managers.

Angular Course Syllabus

Build your expertise by transforming your career by enrolling our challenging programme
Duration: 25 Days Modules: 12
Duration: 40 Days Modules: 12
1 Introduction to Angular
What is Angular?
Why is it important?
Features of Angular
My first Angular app
What is Model-View-Controller (MVC) and why it is important?
2 Setting Up Angular
Overview of JavaScript & TypeScript
Setting up and Installation of Angular CLI
3 Angular expressions and filters
Creating custom filters
How to use Angular expressions
Usage of Built-in Angular filters
Introduction to Angular expressions
Angular expressions v/s Javascript expressions
4 Fundamental Components
Lifecycle Hooks
Content Projection
Architecting with Components
ViewChildren & ContentChildren
Templates, Styles, and View Encapsulation
5 Overview of Angular Directives
Introduction to Directives
Directive lifecycle
NgIf and NgSwitch
NgIf and NgSwitch
Binding controls to data
Structural Directives
Inputs & Configuration
Using HostListener & HostBinding
Using Angular built-in directives
Creating Custom Angular Directives
6 Controllers and pipes
Custom Pipes
Role of a Controller
Nested Controllers
Using filters in Controllers
Controllers in External Files
Built-in Pipes and their parameters
Understand and utilize Async Pipes
Attaching properties and functions
7 Forms
Model Driven Forms
Validating Angular Forms
Template Driven Forms
Updating models with a twist
Working with Angular forms
Model binding and Form controller
8 Dependency Injection (DI) & Providers
Configuring Dependency Injection in Angular
NgModule.providers vs Component.providers vs Component.viewProviders
9 Single Page Application(SPA)
What is a SPA?
What are the Pros & Cons of SPA
Installing the ngRoute module
Configure routes and Passing parameters
Resolving promises
Creating a SPA
10 Routing and Navigation in Angular
Parameterised Routes and Nested Routes
Overview of Route Configuration
Working with Navigation
Routing Strategies
Router Guards
11 Unit Testing Best Practices
Testing Classes & Pipes
Testing Change Detection
Testing Asynchronous Code
Testing with Mocks & Spies
Testing Dependency Injection
Testing Http and Routing
Introduction to Jasmine & Karma
Testing Component, Directives, Model Driven Forms
12 Build Apps with Angular
Setting up deep linking and routing
Wiring up a second partial
Creating details template
Angular animation events
Setting up deep linking and routing

Angular Course Fee & Packages

  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
₹33520* Discovery week off
  • 12+ Modules
  • 3+ Intensive Project
  • 4+ Industry Certification
  • 30 Days Course Duration
₹33520* Discovery week off

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What are the course objectives of your Angular training in Chennai?
Below are some of the main course objectives that we make our students learn in both our Angular training online and offline classes.
  • Learn the design of single web page application and how Angular help in facilitating the development
  • Implement model, view and controller layers of the application
  • Mastering expressions, filters, scopes and controllers
  • Implementing AJAX in Angular applications
  • Executing Angular directives
  • Building Angular forms
What are the prerequisites for this course in your Angular training institute?
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and AJAX will be good but it is not mandatory
  • Should have the basic understanding of JavaScript is required.
  • Prior knowledge of Angular is not required
Will I be able to create a web page with the help of your Angular course in Chennai?
Yes, of course, you can, it provides a comprehensive framework that helps in developing Single Page Applications (SPA) using HTML and JavaScript. Other than that, you’ll learn the ways of integrating Angular directives and expressions in our Angular certification training, and so, you’ll know how to create an attribute rich single page web application.
Is this Angular course right for me?
It’s really a very difficult task to get a job in this competitive world. Only a few members get a job in development field while others are not aware of any particular domain to get a job. When compared to other programming skills, it is really easy for developers and so many of the young professionals are selecting Angular as their career. If you are the one who wishes to get a career with high pay in IT, get Angular training from the best Angular training institute in Chennai to get a fulfilled dream career.
Does it grow my career?
Today, the world is exclusively turning towards digital, web development career never has an end, every business needs a quality website. So, learning Angular course under good guidance can help in getting an incredible career. It is for sure that it is an authentic investment, so get ready to grab the opportunity.
Can I take your Angular certification training course in Chennai?
Yes! We know how busy work schedule you have. So, we have arranged for flexible batch timings to make you feel comfortable with the training, including Angular online training.
What are the key features of your Angular training institute in Chennai?
  • Study from industry experts
  • Interactive workshop on Angular 6
  • Learn the distinct layers of Angular
  • Develop your own Angular6 application
  • Master via practical training and hands-on tutorials
  • Perceive comprehensive courseware and admittance to the extensive code base
For whom this angular course is suitable?
This course will be suitable for web developers who wish to create advanced applications using Angular. In addition, students can also learn Angular course to make their career in this ever-lasting web application development field.
Does this Angular training help me in my career?
Yes, you will definitely get a hike in your career. Angular is somewhat complex to learn and there are only a few experts in this field. This will help you to get higher pay even at the commencement of your career. We are offering this training under the guidance of 10+ years experienced faculties which makes us stand unique as the best Angular training institute in Chennai.
Have more doubts regarding our Angular training institutes with placement in Chennai?
Please give us a call on +91 9962097767 or send an email with your queries to We are here to support you by clarifying all your doubts through our 24/7 support service.